Author: Judith Benhamou Huet

French Renaissance books: a sale in Paris, an exhibition at the Morgan Library in New York, and the passions of businessmen Non essential values? During a period of time that is both very market-centric and fairly disoriented, you might think that Renaissance literature, like art more generally, belongs to the category of “non-essential” values. However, globally and against all expectations not only is the art market faring relatively well but literature itself may prove […]

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Botticelli: Explanations and questions regarding a 92.2 million dollar painting   There are successive stories of old masters on the art market and yet no two are quite alike. Absolute record The absolute record for an old masters work, 450 million dollars, was obtained by Christie’s in 2017 for the famous “Salvator Mundi”, a painting attributed to Leonardo da Vinci which was contested […]

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Contemporary African art: the new wave of success

  The effect of ‘Black lives matter’ Contemporary African art is a subjet of a new fascination.  Touria el Glaoui, founder of the travelling fair 1-54 dedicated to African art, explains: “it was a collateral effect of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in the United States. People began to look more closely not only at […]

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