Author: Judith Benhamou Huet

The Very Delicate Matter of the Rothschilds’ Rembrandts

Rembrandt Once upon a time there was a man who spent every one of his nights sleeping under the benevolent gaze of two exceptional human beings. Mr. and Ms. Soolmans were born in 1634 under the brush of one of art history’s most celebrated painters, Rembrandt. And so every evening and every morning in Paris, […]

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Anish Kapoor, Metaphysical Sculptor

By Anish Kapoor By Anish Kapoor Anish Kapoor @ Couvent de la Tourette near Lyon By Anish Kapoor By Anish Kapoor It was a 73,000-cubic-meter (2,578-cubic-foot) blood-red belly—the original matrix—and you could enter it. Those who were in Paris in spring 2011 haven’t forgotten the crimson resin membrane that occupied the entire nave of the […]

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A Kapoor Controversy à la française

Anish Kapoor By Anish Kapoor By Anish Kapoor By Anish Kapoor By Anish Kapoor By Anish Kapoor In the vulgar trend that seeks to undermine art’s credibility and make a media scandal of any public installation on French soil, the last of the trend’s all-too-frequent episodes is called Anish Kapoor. This week, I couldn’t meet […]

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Naoshima : the Incredible Art Island Imagined by a Billionaire

In Teshima In the Monet Garden In the Monet Garden By Walter de Maria In Tadao Ando Building Naoshima This place is one of the hotbeds of global contemporary art fantasies, the incarnation of a super mega dream worthy of the early 21st century. A suite of sites dedicated to contemporary art making, a sort […]

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Château La Coste: Contemplative Art Experience in Provence

Château La Coste The landscape is pure Cézanne. In any case, Sainte-Victoire isn’t too far away. The light is golden, as it always is this time of year in Provence. The estate is pungent with the scent of pines growing all over the property, surrounding 130 hectares (321 acres) of vineyards. You are at Château […]

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Dasha Zhukova’s New Museum in Moscow

New Museum By Julius Koller By Julius Koller By Julius Koller Eric Bulatov Rem Koolhaas and Dasha Zhukova On the boat Inside the New Museum A few years ago, Moscow’s Gorki Park, a highly significant space in 1960s Communist times, had fallen into deep neglect. But as the world turned, so did Gorki Park. Today, […]

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Venice, at Once Sublime and Vulgar: the Contemporary Art Biennale

JBH Reports Venice feels a little like the Cannes Film Festival. You come across charming creatures tottering on gigantic heels, entirely leather-clad and suffering on the Giardini’s endless stony paths. Obviously, the opening of the Venice Biennale is the only place on earth where, within a few minutes, you can meet the Danish artist Olafur […]

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