Centre Pompidou: Why did Christo wrap things?

  Thanks a to a hairdresser There are many smaller stories within the larger sweep of history. Christo, the Bulgarian-born artist who died on 31 May 2020, famous for his gigantic wrapping works at the scale of Paris’s Pont Neuf in 1985 and the Berlin Reichstag ten years later, first came into existence thanks to […]

Pinault Collection: When the most magical parts of Los Angeles meet Venice

No longer accessible The hazards and disasters of the coronavirus crisis mean many countries and artists that once seemed to be within reach are no longer accessible, and will apparently remain that way for some time. Excellent exhibition This is why we should celebrate the excellent exhibition called “Untitled”, now on view in Venice until […]

Charles Stewart CEO of Sotheby’s: “reinventing the auctions model”

      Patrick Drahi It’s been 12 months since Sotheby’s was bought by the French businessman Patrick Drahi. It’s been 9 months since he appointed a new head of the auction house, former investment banker at Morgan Stanley then co-president of Altice USA, Charles Stewart. Radical evolution In this short space of time the […]

Where does the myth of the cowboy fit in a racist America? Cowboy: the book

  World afterwards again Since the start of the coronavirus crisis there’s been too much talk about what the world’s going to look like afterwards, to the point of rendering the expression meaningless even if it’s true. No doubt mankind will still be pursuing profit and will still be just as individualistic once the global […]

Hans Ulrich Obrist goes green: resolutions and warnings. A video interview   History of contemporary art Swiss-born Hans Ulrich Obrist (born in 1968) is now part of the history of contemporary art. The artistic director of the Serpentine Gallery in London has become a phenomenon in his own right thanks to the significance of his wide-ranging encounters across the art world; a result of his […]

Agnès Varda: a tribute to an extraordinary woman, filmmaker, feminist and poet

Agnès Varda The Oscar in Agnès Varda’s house Agnès Varda Calder family by Agnès Varda Agnès Varda Agnès Varda Agnes Varda Agnès Varda Agnès Varda Agnès Varda Agnes Varda Agnes Varda What sadness to learn that Agnès Varda, the heroine of French cinema, passed away during the night between 28 and 29 March.  I was […]

David Hockney retrospective at the Pompidou: painting for pleasure, first and foremost

JBH Reports (David Hockney studio did not allow photos or videos in the exhibition even for journalists ) There are artists who dream about pictorial revolutions and there are those who celebrate easel painting as it has always been. Painting has its great adventurers, those who opt for different mediums like transparent materials instead of […]


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