ARCO Madrid: Is Buenos Aires a new eldorado?

Mondongo ( Barro) Edgardo Antonio Vigo (Richard Saltoun) Julio Le Parc (Nara Roesler) Margarita Paksa (Document Art) Diego Bianchi (Jocelyn Wolff) Ad Minoliti ( Crevecoeur) Cecilia Szalkowitz ( Ignacio Liprandi) Hauser &Wirth booth There was once a time, until the late ’90s, when if you wanted to be considered a prominent artist, you were best off being […]

Just Air for Making Art: Tomàs Saraceno

Tomàs Saraceno By Tomàs Saraceno By Tomàs Saraceno By Olafur Eliasson How do you recognize a true artist? He creates an entire universe that is unique and powerful. He dreams and turns his dreams into tangible objects that make you dream. Among the abundant projects of uneven quality realized on the occasion of Paris’s COP21 […]


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