Modern Art

Man Ray: a great collection at auction and a big controversy

          Vintage or not In photography, from the moment images become a part of history they are divided by specialists into two kinds of prints. There are those that were made around the time the photograph was taken – these are called vintage prints and they are particularly highly prized – […]

Charles Stewart CEO of Sotheby’s: “reinventing the auctions model”

      Patrick Drahi It’s been 12 months since Sotheby’s was bought by the French businessman Patrick Drahi. It’s been 9 months since he appointed a new head of the auction house, former investment banker at Morgan Stanley then co-president of Altice USA, Charles Stewart. Radical evolution In this short space of time the […]

Edward Hopper: Explore the American painter’s landscapes, like Barack Obama

In the Oval Office It was Barack Obama who, during his presidency, chose to hang two paintings in the Oval Office, one above the other. We recognized them as two views of Cape Cod, the coastal area which was a favourite of the Kennedys. More generally, they were two landscapes featuring no human figures by […]

Modern and contemporary art SALES IN NEW YORK: the collectors aren’t quite so crazy

During the sale at Christie’s Gustave Caillebotte Paul Signac Ed Ruscha Charles White Charles White Sanyu Political and economic upheavals As 2019 comes to a close, in a year shaken by various political and economic upheavals, observers may wonder what fate has in store for the modern and contemporary art market. Stratospheric prices Over the […]

Fiac 2019: Paris the safe haven

Le Grand Palais La Bourse de Commerce Raymond Pettibon Raymond Pettibon Georg Baselitz Komunuma Mark Dion (Fabienne Leclerc) Miriam Cahn Miriam Cahn Keith Haring Martial Raysse Antoni Tapiès Gagosian gallery Successful art fairs These days every successful contemporary art fair, from Miami to Hong Kong, takes place on a city-wide scale. La Fiac And this […]

MoMA: they’ve made the most famous American museum great again

Faith Ringgold Pablo Picasso Picasso, Bourgeois, Ringgold Diego Rivera Pablo Picasso, Hans Bellmer Maria Martins Jackson Pollock Lee Bontecou Jasper Johns Basquiat, Haring, Koons David Hammons Betye Saar Haegue Yang Michael Armitage     Everything must change “For things to remain the same, everything must change.” This now-legendary line, uttered by the dashing Alain Delon […]


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