Dada and Surrealism: The largest collection of documents in the world goes on sale in Paris

André Breton, Paul Bonet. 284 André Breton, Théodrore Fraenkel André Breton 140 André Breton 140. André Breton 140 Alberto Giacometti 359 Matisse 345   Surrealism and Dada Surrealism and Dada were movements that radically revolutionized not just the art world but also our general ways of thinking, dreaming and writing. Intellectual revolutions If you want […]

Erotic auction at Sotheby’s: Does sex make art more commercial?

Andy Warhol Robert Mapplethorpe Andy Warhol Marlene Dumas Gustav Klimt Tracey Emin At a time when Facebook’s algorithms are blocking users who post Courbet’s “L’origine du monde” on their wall, despite it being visible to all at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris; at a time when visitors to the Metropolitan Museum in New York are […]


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