British art

Richard Long. The contemporary art legend answers six questions at one minute each. Walking in nature perceived as art.

Richard Long Richard Long, Bordeaux Richard Long, Bordeaux Richard Long , Jaipur Richard Long, Jaipur Richard Long, Jaipur Richard Long, Jaipur Environmentalism There was a time when environmentalism wasn’t really talked about, except in relation to a few dishevelled and clearsighted hippies sporting yellow badges with the slogan “Nuclear Power? No Thanks”. There was a […]

David Hockney retrospective at the Pompidou: painting for pleasure, first and foremost

JBH Reports (David Hockney studio did not allow photos or videos in the exhibition even for journalists ) There are artists who dream about pictorial revolutions and there are those who celebrate easel painting as it has always been. Painting has its great adventurers, those who opt for different mediums like transparent materials instead of […]


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