Catherine Grenier

Guggenheim New York, Beyeler Foundation Basel, plus the recreation of his studio in Paris: Alberto Giacometti is everywhere

Alberto Giacometti in the yard of the studio with la Grande femme IV by Annette Giacometti Alberto Giacometti in his studio by Annette Giacometti Reconstitution of the studio(simulation) Reconstitution of the studio of Alberto Giacometti Giacometti InstituteBILD Wall of Alberto Giacometti studio In the studio of Giacometti by Ernst Scheidegger Giacometti instituteBILD Buste […]

Picasso – Giacometti in Paris before Doha: a battle of the giants

giacometti-picasso Picasso Alberto Giacometti Alberto Giacometti Pablo Picasso Alberto Giacometti Pablo Picasso Alberto Giacometti Picasso and his dog Pablo Picasso Giacometti/ Picasso Alberto Giacometti WITH With Compagnie de Phalsbourg   For the past few years, it’s been a thing for museums to show artists in pairs. This often involves some stylistic affinity that shines a […]


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