Eric Turquin

Caravaggio. Speculations abound. Tom Hill does not confirm the purchase for an unknown sum of a painting that might not be a Caravaggio.

Tom Hill showing his Pontormo Caravaggio ? Caravaggio? (detail) Caravaggio?( detail) Caravaggio? (detail) Caravaggio? (detail) Caravaggio ? Tom Hill’s collection of Christopher Wool in Hong Kong Tom Hill ‘s collection of Christopher Wool in Hong Kong Jacopo da Pontormo Tom Hill showing his Pontormo   Unknown Imagine an absurd situation where there’s a canvas measuring […]

Don’t count your… CARAVAGGIOS, before they hatch

Caravaggio ? It’s a story that has got the entire old master world  talking. And it begins like the best art market myths: in 2014 a family in Toulouse, in the south-west of France, while doing work on their house, discovered a  canvas in the attic which appeared to be from the 17th century. The family contacted local auctioneer Marc […]


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