Jonathas de Andrade

Istanbul Biennial: where’s the world heading? Artists have a brilliant response

Haegue Yang Istanbul Jonathas de Andrade Piotr Uklanski Piotr Uklanski Glauco Rodrigues Rashid Johnson Ozan Atalan Ambera Wellmann   A seventh continent It’s like something out of science fiction. Human beings today have been granted a seventh continent – in addition to the known ones – that occupies over 1.6 million square kilometres of the […]

In Brazil, despite the chaos, the art market is still in good shape

Jonathas de Andrade Sao Paulo In the streets of Sao Paulo Alberto da Vega Guignard Pierre Verger Jonathas de Andrade Helio Oiticica Tunga Alex Katz Ricardo Kugelmas In  Brazil a country already wracked by corruption, economic crisis, an acute political crisis and violence, Rio de Janeiro’s police haven’t been paid for two months, its university professors […]


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