Tefaf Maastricht: A nice stroll through the history of art and millions of dollars for Van Gogh, Murillo, Delaunay, Valentin de Boulogne…

Vincent Van Gogh Eugène Delacroix Eugène Delacroix Eigène Delacroix (Rockefeller collection) Robert Delaunay Bartolomeo Esteban Murillo Valentin de Boulogne Cavaliere d’Arpino Bernardo Cavallino Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Silver chest Those who take great delight in the treasures of art history and its curiosities know that there is only one fair in the world that displays such […]

Maastricht: In wonderland among Tefaf’s masterpieces

Italian, XVII th century @ Agnew’s T Callet Juan de Mesa max-beckmann Golan feminin figure Golan feminin figure Jean dubuffet At a time when the world has been shaken by a series of catastrophic election results, France is growing increasingly nervous about the approaching presidential contest in April. Running counter to these trends is the […]


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