Caravaggio or not Caravaggio? The 100-million-euro question mark over a canvas found in the south of France

Caravaggio? (detail) Caravaggio ? Caravaggio?( detail) Infrared Reflectography, Caravaggio? (detail) Danie Buren /Caravaggio The attic where the Caravaggio? was found Caravaggio Caravaggio (detail) Caravaggio (detail)     Uncertainty for ever In the field of Old Masters art uncertainty reigns. The most distinguished specialists spend their time contradicting each other and new discoveries from the history […]

The 450-million-dollar Leonardo is nowhere to be found

Leonardo da Vinci On 15 November 2017 a painting was sold at Christie’s in New York for 450,312,500 dollars, the highest amount ever attained at auction, which was one of around twenty known to us by the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. This result gave rise to various controversies, largely owing to the fact that […]


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