ART Basel Hong Kong: Asia (and not only China) is the new great platform for art

Art Basel Hong Kong Hong Kong Pablo Picasso Zao Wou Ki Paul Cézanne Sanyu Paul Cézanne Louise Bourgeois Louise Bourgeois Zeng Fanzhi Sprueth Magers gallery Cindy Sherman   20% of the buyers are Asian Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses make out that at this point in time 20% of their buyers of modern and contemporary […]

Art Basel Hong Kong: No, China’s art market isn’t a mirage

At Art Basel Hong Kong Su Xiaobai Luc Tuymans Luc Tuymans Mark Bradford Philip Guston Jean Michel Basquiat Kwon Young Woo Lee Ufan Gonkar Gyatso Francis Picabia James Lee Byars ‘Asia’s Precarious Rise’ was the headline the Wall Street Journal ran across its front cover not long ago (1). In fact, the eyes of the […]


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