Japanese Art

Lee Ufan: the disturbance gives rise to the artwork. At the Centre Pompidou-Metz

Lee Ufan Lee Ufan In Lee Ufan studio Lee Ufan Lee Ufan Lee Ufan Lee Ufan Lee Ufan Lee Ufan Lee Ufan   A certain tension A slight imbalance. Some kind of disturbance… Great artists don’t create unforgettable works by envisaging perfection so much as by establishing anomalies. Along with the exceptional jazz pianist Thelonious […]

Jomon in Paris: a prehistoric “feminist” paradise in Japan which produced exceptional works. 6 national treasures never shown outside of Japan

Jomon -Jomon Jomon Jomon Jomon Jomon Jomon In Japan, the designation of “national treasure” is the highest honour to convey the exceptional value accorded to cultural property of universal significance. In Paris, with relatively little publicity, there are currently no less than six Japanese national treasures which have hardly ever left the former Empire of […]


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