La monnaie

Homage to Jannis Kounellis, who has just passed away

Jannis Kounellis Jannis Kounellis Michelle Kounellis Jannis Kounellis Jannis Kounellis Jannis Kounellis On 16 April of last year I posted an article about a fabulous exhibition by the Greek artist Jannis Kounellis at La Monnaie in Paris. He has just died at the age of 80. Here is a homage to an artist who created […]

The New Exhibition by Obrist and Boltanski at La Monnaie de Paris

Hans Ulrich Obrist Christian Boltanski By Christian Boltanski By Felix Gonzàlez -Torres Take Me I’m Yours: A come-hither slogan, for sure, but the superficial character of that declaration shouldn’t stop you. It’s the title of a little-known type of exhibition, which seems playful but is in fact much more than that. “Take Me I’m Yours” […]


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