Old masters

Botticelli: Explanations and questions regarding a 92.2 million dollar painting

  https://youtu.be/N_50PZxHyoY   There are successive stories of old masters on the art market and yet no two are quite alike. Absolute record The absolute record for an old masters work, 450 million dollars, was obtained by Christie’s in 2017 for the famous “Salvator Mundi”, a painting attributed to Leonardo da Vinci which was contested […]

Paris: The former Biennale des Antiquaires is hosted by Christie’s

  The end of the operating rules Nothing in the art market works as it used to. The great operating rules which once governed it have all been thrown into disarray by the Covid-19 crisis. Competition between dealers and auction houses The art dealers, gallerists and antiquarians have always been seen to be in competition […]

Dürer at the Albertina: the other exceptional exhibition of an old master in Europe

Albrecht Dürer Albrecht Dürer Albrecht Dürer Albrecht Dürer Albrecht Dürer Albrecht Dürer Albrecht Dürer Leonardo in Paris As the whole world descends on Paris to see the masterpieces at the magnificent Leonardo retrospective, there is another very important exhibition also taking place in Europe: in Vienna. The giant of the German Renaissance It has the […]

Caravaggio. Speculations abound. Tom Hill does not confirm the purchase for an unknown sum of a painting that might not be a Caravaggio.

Tom Hill showing his Pontormo Caravaggio ? Caravaggio? (detail) Caravaggio?( detail) Caravaggio? (detail) Caravaggio? (detail) Caravaggio ? Tom Hill’s collection of Christopher Wool in Hong Kong Tom Hill ‘s collection of Christopher Wool in Hong Kong Jacopo da Pontormo Tom Hill showing his Pontormo   Unknown Imagine an absurd situation where there’s a canvas measuring […]

There’s another version of the Mona Lisa and she’s nude. The curator of the Leonardo exhibition at the Louvre explains

Studio of Leonardo (detail) Studio of Leonardo Piero di Cosimo Sandro Botticelli Bartolomeo Veneto Studio of Leonardo? Studio of Leonardo? Carlo Antonio Procaccini? Anonymous painter after Leonardo François Clouet Anonymous painter around 1560     Endless speculation There’s been endless speculation in the media surrounding the nature and whereabouts of the Salvator Mundi, a heavily […]

“Verrocchio, master of Leonardo” is sublime in Florence

Andrea del Verrocchio (detail) Sandro Boticelli Andrea del Verrocchio Desiderio da Settignano Andrea del Verrocchio Andrea del Verrocchio Andrea del Verrocchio Andrea del Verrocchio (detail) A pyramid of artists The history of the Italian Renaissance resembles a virtuosic acrobatics show, in which each great master climbs onto the shoulders of his predecessor in a tower […]

Caravaggio or not Caravaggio? The 100-million-euro question mark over a canvas found in the south of France

Caravaggio? (detail) Caravaggio ? Caravaggio?( detail) Infrared Reflectography, Caravaggio? (detail) Danie Buren /Caravaggio The attic where the Caravaggio? was found Caravaggio Caravaggio (detail) Caravaggio (detail)     Uncertainty for ever In the field of Old Masters art uncertainty reigns. The most distinguished specialists spend their time contradicting each other and new discoveries from the history […]

Bruegel in Vienna: the unique exhibition that’s attracting the whole of Europe

Pieter Bruegel the Elder Pieter Bruegel the Elder Pieter Bruegel the Elder Pieter Bruegel the Elder Pieter Bruegel the Elder Pieter Bruegel the Elder Pieter Bruegel the Elder Pieter Bruegel the Elder Pieter Bruegel the Elder Pieter Bruegel the Elder Certain figures take their place in the art history pantheon because they’ve invented something new. […]

Mantegna, Bellini. A sublime exhibition in London. 90 artworks reveal the admiration and competition between two Renaissance geniuses

Giovanni Bellini Giovanni Bellini Andrea Mantegna Andrea Mantegna Giovanni Bellini Giovanni Bellini The museums with the richest collections of paintings always stage the most beautiful temporary exhibitions of Old Masters art. This is, quite simply, because these collections constitute a great currency of exchange. But it’s also because they naturally attract the most knowledgeable curators […]


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