Vincent Van Gogh

“I’m No Longer Here”: a masterpiece on Netflix exalting popular Mexican counterculture Poetry & Photography Exile, immigration, and the sublimated street aesthetic. These are themes that are very often addressed in contemporary art. “I’m No Longer Here” is a film currently available to watch on Netflix which looks at these subjects in an immensely talented way. It is a masterpiece of poetry, photography, and unconventional […]

Julian Schnabel: To mark the release of his film on Van Gogh and his exhibition at the Musée d’Orsay the painter shows his true colours

Julian Schnabel Julian Schnabel, H de Toulouse Lautrec Claude Monet, Julian Schnabel Vincent Van Gogh Van Gogh, Julian Schnabel Julian Schnabel Julian Schnabel Henri de Toulouse Lautrec Edouard Manet Paul Cézanne Paul Gauguin Julian Schnabel Julian Schnabel Julian Schnabel Julian Schnabel At Eternity’s gate At Eternity’s gate At Eternity’s gate At Eternity’s gate I met […]


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