Jean-Jacques Lebel

Villa Medici in Rome: the pornography of Eisenstein and Fellini, the minimalism of Mandela and the realm of the dead according to Victor Hugo. About the hobbies of geniuses

Robert Wilson Ingres violin le violon dIngres Victor Hugo Victor Hugo Victor Hugo Victor Hugo Victor Hugo Victor Hugo     The French language is facetious. In order to provide an emphatic and worthy name for amateur artists, for those who practise a hobby, it has found a unique description that’s even entered international usage: […]

The Beat Generation: a rush of subversive pleasure at the Pompidou Centre

Wallace Berman by Jack Kerouac William Burroughs Jack Kerouac Bruce Conner Bryan Gysin room From Jack Kerouac Philippe-Alain Michaud Jean-Jacques Lebel Jean-Jacques Lebel Art by authors is the big thing right now. The Palais de Tokyo in Paris is placing Michel Houellebecq’s uneven photography in the spotlight. Galerie du Passage is exhibiting  the french writer Francoise […]


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