“Verrocchio, master of Leonardo” is sublime in Florence

Andrea del Verrocchio (detail) Sandro Boticelli Andrea del Verrocchio Desiderio da Settignano Andrea del Verrocchio Andrea del Verrocchio Andrea del Verrocchio Andrea del Verrocchio (detail) A pyramid of artists The history of the Italian Renaissance resembles a virtuosic acrobatics show, in which each great master climbs onto the shoulders of his predecessor in a tower […]

Mantegna, Bellini. A sublime exhibition in London. 90 artworks reveal the admiration and competition between two Renaissance geniuses

Giovanni Bellini Giovanni Bellini Andrea Mantegna Andrea Mantegna Giovanni Bellini Giovanni Bellini The museums with the richest collections of paintings always stage the most beautiful temporary exhibitions of Old Masters art. This is, quite simply, because these collections constitute a great currency of exchange. But it’s also because they naturally attract the most knowledgeable curators […]

In Paris medieval treasures: the only auction in the world dedicated to Haute Epoque

bishop-staff-detail2 kiss-of-peace-2 pulverine pulverine-detail bishop-staff The world’s most prestigious museums, the likes of the Louvre and the Metropolitan, fill entire rooms with uncommonly intricate works of art from the Medieval and the Renaissance period. For a long time the great European and American families, banking dynasties such as the Rothschilds or the Pierpont Morgans, competed with […]


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