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Richard Prince (Choice of Edouard Carmignac)

The online world

In our new experience of the relationship between art and the internet, the online world has won. The sensation produced by the phone or computer screen almost always predominates over the sensation of the art itself meant to be displayed on screen. Paintings always look flat, as do sculptures, even when we can see them from different angles.

To dominate the screen

Timur Si-Qin ( Choice of  Troy Therrien)

However, whenever we watch someone talking about art via the medium of a screen, it is the idea expressed by the person that dominates the screen. For as Leonardo wrote about drawing, art is a “cosa mentale”.The spirit takes over the medium. This is where things become wonderful: when it is between human beings.

Beautiful cerebral energy

Lee Ufan (choice of Füsun Eczacibasi)

This is why, during these rather gloomy covidian times (there’s no time like the present to start inventing new words), for the readers of JBH Reports and for myself, I wanted to breathe some beautiful cerebral energy into our relationship to art, within the limits of public health regulations and the vast network of communications at humanity’s disposal today.

Open the virtual windows

Cara Chan ( Choice of Kenrick McDowell)

Since our spheres of interest have been pathologically refocused onto only ourselves and our neighbours I have decided to throw open the virtual windows to invite people who I like , whether they are nearby or very far away, to talk about the crucial subject of “art that makes us feel good”.

Feeling more alive

Yun Hyong-Keun (Choice of Pearl Lam)

We have all, at one time or another, come away from an exhibition or experience of the visual arts feeling reassured, feeling more alive, or feeling as though we had a better understanding of things within us that had never been expressed. These are not commonplaces; they are profoundly intimate experiences.

Not representative

Ugo Rondinone (Choice of Francesco Vezzoli)

I have therefore contacted forty or so people from around the world with greater or lesser success. This initiative was not meant to be representative in terms of sex, ethnicity, culture, or skin colour. In the short timeframe that they were given, each person responded in their own way, positively or negatively too, of course.

Feel good

Hangyan (Choice of Xinyi Chen)

The journey through the world of “art that makes us feel good” is very, very diverse. In certain cases, in certain parts of the world, it has dramatic tendencies and in others it verges on humour or the deliciously absurd. This exploration is divided into two episodes.

What about you?

What about you – what is the art that makes you feel good? You can send me video responses of a maximum of 2 minutes.



Troy Therrien. Guggenheim New York, Curator Architecture and Digital initiatives.  New York. Paris.

/ Timur Si-Qin. 2020. “Take me I love You”




Nic Iljine. Advisor to the Director of the Hermitage Museum. Frankfurt, Saint Petersburg /

Kasimir Malevitch. 1913,  “Portrait of Matyushin”.  Matyushin, 1917, Self portrait called  “Chrystal”.



Pearl Lam, Owner, Pearl Lam Gallery. London. Hong Kong, Shanghai /

Yun Hyong-Keun. 1991. Burnt Umber and Ultramarine.




Edouard Carmignac. Businessman. Collector. Founder of Fondation Carmignac. Paris. Porquerolles

/ Richard Prince. Nurse in Hollywood #4. 2004.



Francesco Vezzoli. Artist. Milan. Taormina

/ Ugo Rondinone. Seven Magic Mountains. 2016.



Arthur Nauzyciel, Actor, Stage Director. Reykjavik, Paris, Rennes

/ Pierre Huyghe. Streamside day. 2003.

Arthur Nauzyciel speaks in a language that only he understands while the wind blows hard on the Icelandic plains. We can amuse ourselves in trying to find the moment when he cites the name of Pierre Huyghe.




Hamidreza Pejman , Founder, Pejman Foundation. Tehran.

/Pejman Foundation 2020


Kenric McDowell. Google Artists and Machine Intelligence. Los Angeles.

/Cara Chan. The Makeout. 2020.



Füsun Eczacibasi. Chairman of Saha, Collector . Istanbul, New York.

/Lee Ufan.2019. Relatum. “Art in the Age of Mass incarceration”.2020. Moma PS1.

(See the report about Art Basel where Lee Ufan explains the piece)



Laurent le Bon, President, Musée Picasso. Paris.

/The art we are going to do. 2020.



Xinyi Cheng, Artist. Paris. Beijing.

/ Hangyan. 2013. “An old tree by an old bridge”(And don’t forget to look here at the other part of  “Art that makes you feel good”

(And don’t forget to look here at the other part of  “Art that makes you feel good”)

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JBH Reports on Youtube
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