Auction house

Paris: The former Biennale des Antiquaires is hosted by Christie’s

  The end of the operating rules Nothing in the art market works as it used to. The great operating rules which once governed it have all been thrown into disarray by the Covid-19 crisis. Competition between dealers and auction houses The art dealers, gallerists and antiquarians have always been seen to be in competition […]

Charles Stewart CEO of Sotheby’s: “reinventing the auctions model”

      Patrick Drahi It’s been 12 months since Sotheby’s was bought by the French businessman Patrick Drahi. It’s been 9 months since he appointed a new head of the auction house, former investment banker at Morgan Stanley then co-president of Altice USA, Charles Stewart. Radical evolution In this short space of time the […]

Sotheby’s: the great revolution in the art market

  Patrick Drahi It hit the art market like a bolt from the blue. On 17 June 2019, the French Moroccan-born businessman Patrick Drahi, who specializes in media and telecommunications, announced he had bought one of the world’s two leading auction houses, Sotheby’s, for 3.7 billion dollars. This move was somewhat surprising since, even on […]

Where is the art market heading in response to the coronavirus crisis? Online

  Troubled times In these exceptional troubled times, with part of the planet living in confinement in response to the life-threatening nature of the pandemic, as the entire world comes to a standstill, it might seem inappropriate to talk about the trivialities of the art market. That said, this market is a vital source of […]

New York: Seven artworks which tell everything about the NEW art market

Frida Kahlo Maurizio Cattelan Auguste Rodin Jean-Michel Basquiat Alexander Calder Robert Ryman Cy Twombly There’s a joke we like to tell in France, one you could imagine inspiring one of his  ‘Joke painting’ by American  artist Richard Prince. A man driven to suicide jumps off the top of a skyscraper. On the way down, he says the […]


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