Jeff Koons in Marseille like you’ve never seen him before

  https://youtu.be/w2a4_K2Yfm0 Famous Jeff Koons is one of a small number of contemporary artists of whom the general public often says “I know them” and frequently follows up with “I don’t like them.” Money But people don’t tend to be familiar with the actual works by the American artist, born in 1955, so much as […]

Paris: Anne Imhof invades the Palais de Tokyo with her immense talent

  https://youtu.be/13JxbPM3yDE Golden Lion I have a confession to make. I disliked Anne Imhof’s German pavilion in 2017, called “Faust”, which won the Golden Lion that year displaying a slick showcase of beautiful and disillusioned youths, striking poses to express their nihilism (See here the report about the 2017 Venice Biennale). Wrong? Maybe I was […]

The sun never sets on the Yayoi Kusama Empire: from her psychiatric hospital the 92-year-old artist continues to organize a multitude of exhibitions

  https://youtu.be/rRZR3nsiIeA Ultra sensitivity The job of the artist doesn’t call for the same virtues as those required of mere mortals. In the modern and contemporary period, for the greatest of painters, severe psychiatric problems are not considered a handicap but are seen instead as proof of an ultra-sensitivity which influences their powers of invention. […]

Our brain is a battlefield: the theory behind the exhibition of the future. By Douglas Coupland, Hans Ulrich Obrist and Shumon Basar

  https://youtu.be/-pI4A56LDfI Neologism Messenger RNA, mutated virus, comorbidity, NFTs, blockchain, quantum theory, big data… The world in 2021 is filled – along with our heads – with an assortment of new words which, prior to the public health crisis, sounded like highly technical terms belonging to a specialist vocabulary. Virtual You The virtual world has […]

French Renaissance books: a sale in Paris, an exhibition at the Morgan Library in New York, and the passions of businessmen

  https://youtu.be/VhOaIxHu-Hc Non essential values? During a period of time that is both very market-centric and fairly disoriented, you might think that Renaissance literature, like art more generally, belongs to the category of “non-essential” values. However, globally and against all expectations not only is the art market faring relatively well but literature itself may prove […]

Contemporary African art: the new wave of success

  The effect of ‘Black lives matter’ Contemporary African art is a subjet of a new fascination.  Touria el Glaoui, founder of the travelling fair 1-54 dedicated to African art, explains: “it was a collateral effect of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement in the United States. People began to look more closely not only at […]

The Art that makes you feel good (2)

  Giogione (Choice of Alexandre Giquello) The online world In our new experience of the relationship between art and the internet, the online world has won. The sensation produced by the phone or computer screen almost always predominates over the sensation of the art itself meant to be displayed on screen. Paintings always look flat, […]

Meanwhile in Shanghai: the incredible frenzy for contemporary art

  Art021 Shanghai Art week Shanghai Art Week takes place every year in November and over time it has become an important date in the global art market calendar. Last year it coincided with the opening of the Centre Pompidou Shanghai (See the report about Centre Pompidou Shanghai). This year is significant simply because the […]

Sotheby’s: maintaining positive results at the expense of transparency at auction

  Huge responsibility The major auction houses have a huge responsibility with regards to the entire art market. Through the publication of their official auction results – combined with market databases such as Artnet or Artprice acting as megaphones – they are supposed to reflect the major consumer trends in this field, especially during this […]

In Paris: there may be no Fiac but there are the young artists from Paris Internationale

  https://youtu.be/-Gp0p5XRMyI   Cancellation On 15 October 2020 Paris’s contemporary art week was meant to have kicked off, which would ordinarily have accompanied the great French Fiac fair, with its plethora of all kinds of events, conferences, exhibitions, and salons… But it’s been cancelled due to Covid. However, there are certain events of a more […]


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