American Art

Louise Bourgeois: a major biography contains many revelations

Louise Bourgeois © Alex Van Gelder Louise Bourgeois Jerry Gorovoy, Alfred Pacquement Jerry Gorovoy, M L Bernardac 174 Boulevard Saint Germain Louise Bourgeois Louise Bourgeois Louise Bourgeois Art super star It was only after her death that the American artist Louise Bourgeois (1910-2010) became a contemporary art superstar, thanks to a proliferation of exhibitions around […]

Tom Wesselmann: immersion in feminine pleasure in Monaco

Tom Wesselmann Tom Wesselmann Tom Wesselmann Tom Wesselmann Tom Wesselmann Tom Wesselmann Tom Wesselmann Tom Wesselmann Tom Wesselmann Tom Wesselmann Tom Wesselmann There’s nothing “politically correct” about this exhibition. Here the women often tend to be nude, they smoke, and they pursue their own pleasure. And it’s an American painter-voyeur by the name of Tom […]

Philip Guston: His daughter and the curator of his amazing show in Venice speak about abstraction, figuration, poets and flesh

Philip Guston Philip Guston Philip Guston Philip Guston Philip Guston Philip Guston Philip Guston This summer in Venice the Biennale is stealing all the attention. Which is why contemporary art lovers might miss an exceptional Philip Guston (1913-1980) exhibition at Gallerie dell’Accademia. Guston, an American painter with a distinctive verve, is known for having moved […]

Carl Andre: (finally) understanding the (modest) king of minimal art

Carl Andre Carl Andre Carl Andre Carl Andre Carl Andre Carl Andre Carl Andre Carl Andre exhibition catalogue @ MAM Let’s be frank.   Among the art lovers of this world – that vast group of individuals that loves flaunting its coffee table books and haunts Moma, the Centre Pompidou and the Tate Modern – how […]

When Andres Serrano met Donald Trump

Andres Serrano Andres Serrano and his wife Andres Serrano Andres Serrano Andres Serrano Andres Serrano Andres Serrano The whiff of scandal seems to follow Andres Serrano (born 1950), but as an artist he’s so much more than that. Of course there was ‘Immersion (Piss Christ)’ from 1987, a highly stylised photograph of a crucifix submerged […]

Hank Willis Thomas: When people really speak the truth on the Truth booth

JBH Reports It was the famous collector from Miami Mira Rubell who first told me about Hank Willis Thomas. Born in 1976, he’s a talented American artist dealing with popular culture, gender and racial stereotypes in contemporary consumer society, and the perception of ‘African Americans’ today.   I visited his studio in New York a […]

Paul McCarthy talks money, big collectors, Californian artists and his next project

Paul McCarthy Paul McCarthy and Christoph von Weyhe Paul and Damon McCarthy Wally Hedrick By P McCarthy Wally Hedrick Wally Hedrick Wally Hedrick Paul McCarthy The American artist Paul McCarthy (born 1945) is important. He’s important because he pokes fun at all those defenders of good taste in art. Paul McCarthy is important because he […]

The American legend ROBERT LONGO explores the old masters in Paris

JBH Reports The American legend Robert Longo (born in 1953), whose works can be found in the collections of major museums across the world, was in Paris a few days ago as he has two gallery shows, one at Thaddeus Ropac in Le Marais, the other at Cahiers d’Art in Saint Germain des Pres. Both […]

Getty reveals Robert Mapplethorpe as he truly was 

Mapplethorpe Book-Cover Mapplethorpe Interior of R Mapplethorpe house Mapplethorpe Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) was a great artist, not just a great photographer. He will forever be etched in memory as someone who  immortalised in black and white those perfectly formed, statuesque naked male bodies in highly constructed environments. The numerous commercial operations around the world attempting to cash in on his photographic legacy, […]


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