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Thomas Houseago: a self-portrait of the artist completed by his pals Brad Pitt and Flea

Thomas Houseago Fabrice Hergott, Thomas Houseago, Brad Pitt Thomas Houseago Thomas Houseago Thomas Houseago Thomas Houseago Thomas Houseago   Brad Pitt’s poetry The story could begin with a few poetic sentences from Brad Pitt: “He walks right by, though he doesn’t see (me)- Shapes and obsessions block his view. He disappears into his cavern, for […]

Stefan Simchowitz: the thorn in the side of the American art market answers 6 questions in less than one minute and claims speculation is a good thing

A Fireman and Stefan Simchowitz In Stefan Simchowitz office In Stefan Simchowitz office The Newstand project with Stefan Simchowitz Lazaros ICM Partners offices ICM Partners offices ICM Partners offices Joey Wolf Marc Horowitz Jonathan Edelhuber The day I understood the contemporary art market (the market as opposed to the art itself) was the day I […]

Parker Ito, or the anxiety of over-hyped young artists

Not Picasso, Parker Ito Liv Barrett Parker Ito Parker ItoAt Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris Parker ItoThree Star books Parker ItoThree Star books Parker Ito It begins with small talk and ends up with art and intimate confessions. I first met Parker Ito last year at a chic Parisian dinner hosted by […]

In Thomas Houseago’s studio speaking about art history and death

Thomas Houseago Thomas Houseago Thomas Houseago Thomas Houseago Thomas Houseago Thomas Houseago Thomas Houseago He’s one of the most interesting and intriguing sculptors of our times. Thomas Houseago, born in 1972, gives his three-dimensional works a highly original form. It’s hard, however, to refrain from seeing them as a way of revisiting the history of […]

Paul McCarthy talks money, big collectors, Californian artists and his next project

Paul McCarthy Paul McCarthy and Christoph von Weyhe Paul and Damon McCarthy Wally Hedrick By P McCarthy Wally Hedrick Wally Hedrick Wally Hedrick Paul McCarthy The American artist Paul McCarthy (born 1945) is important. He’s important because he pokes fun at all those defenders of good taste in art. Paul McCarthy is important because he […]

Getty reveals Robert Mapplethorpe as he truly was 

Mapplethorpe Book-Cover Mapplethorpe Interior of R Mapplethorpe house Mapplethorpe Robert Mapplethorpe (1946-1989) was a great artist, not just a great photographer. He will forever be etched in memory as someone who  immortalised in black and white those perfectly formed, statuesque naked male bodies in highly constructed environments. The numerous commercial operations around the world attempting to cash in on his photographic legacy, […]


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