Man Ray: a great collection at auction and a big controversy

          Vintage or not In photography, from the moment images become a part of history they are divided by specialists into two kinds of prints. There are those that were made around the time the photograph was taken – these are called vintage prints and they are particularly highly prized – […]

Paris: The former Biennale des Antiquaires is hosted by Christie’s

  The end of the operating rules Nothing in the art market works as it used to. The great operating rules which once governed it have all been thrown into disarray by the Covid-19 crisis. Competition between dealers and auction houses The art dealers, gallerists and antiquarians have always been seen to be in competition […]

Where is the art market heading in response to the coronavirus crisis? Online

  Troubled times In these exceptional troubled times, with part of the planet living in confinement in response to the life-threatening nature of the pandemic, as the entire world comes to a standstill, it might seem inappropriate to talk about the trivialities of the art market. That said, this market is a vital source of […]

The 450-million-dollar Leonardo is nowhere to be found

Leonardo da Vinci On 15 November 2017 a painting was sold at Christie’s in New York for 450,312,500 dollars, the highest amount ever attained at auction, which was one of around twenty known to us by the Renaissance genius Leonardo da Vinci. This result gave rise to various controversies, largely owing to the fact that […]

Ed Dolman: 6 answers in 1 minute from the charismatic chief executive of Phillips.How to hold one’s own against the duopoly during the week of auctions in New York

Ed Dolman Phillips Miro Alexander Calder Alexander Calder Kerry James Marshall Kerry James Marshall Bruce Nauman Bruce Nauman Andy Warhol Alberto Burry Sean Scully Jackson Pollock David Hammons The position of outsider is an uncomfortable one. You’re neither the best nor the worst. Phillips auction house, owned by the Russian luxury-goods company Mercury Group, finds […]

Le Consortium: The under-the-radar French museum that predicts art’s next big thing is organizing an auction in Paris, from Rondinone to Christopher Wool

Brian Calvin Alex Israel Xavier Veilhan Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster Rodney Graham Roe Ethridge “I don’t want to dishearten you, but there will inevitably be a serious and lengthy crash caused by the large number of exhibitions and the weariness the public will feel towards contemporary painting. The crash may take place tomorrow or in ten years’ […]

Jacques Grange: The interior design star talks Diego Giacometti, Yves Saint Laurent and his collection being auctioned at Sotheby’s in Paris

Jacques Grange The view from Jacques Grange’s apartment Inside Jacques Grange apartment Inside Jacques Grange’s apartment Inside Jacques Grange’s apartement Inside Jacques Grange’s apartment Inside Jacques Grange’s apartement Jacques Grange is the french superstar of interior design. He has worked for the joint heir to the cosmetics empire and prolific art collector Ronald Lauder, the businessman […]


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