Venice Biennale: The post-show interview for the biggest contemporary art event in the world. The artistic director Christine Macel tells all.

John Water + Christine Macel Christine Macel – Musée National d’Art Moderne curator Christine Macel & McArthur Binion La Biennale Achille Bonita Oliva, Christine Macel Patricia Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Sheila Hicks Venice Franz West She’s the Wonder Woman of the French contemporary art world. Christine Macel (born in 1969) is chief curator at the Centre […]

Istanbul Biennal: Elmgreen & Dragset ‘we have to show solidarity’

Elmgreen & Dragset Istanbul Biennal venue Istanbul Biennal venue Istanbul Biennal venue istanbul Biennal venue ( artists studos) Istanbul Biennal venue Every two years, Istanbul is the destination for one of September’s major contemporary art events. This year it’s Elmgreen & Dragset, the Berlin-based Scandinavian artists, who were chosen to fill the curator’s shoes at […]

Venice Biennale (2): the Olympic Games for contemporary art . And the winners are…

Erwin Wurm Alicja Kwade Alicja Kwade Alicja Kwade Anne Imhof Mark Bradford and visitors Mark Bradford Mark Bradford Mark Bradford Mark Bradford Xavier Veilhan Xavier Veilhan Grisha Bruskin Philip Guston Regardless of what people say each time about the overall standard at the Venice Biennale, and despite the growing number of challengers from Sao Paulo […]

The Whitney Biennial: Paint strikes back. But how to select a good painting today?

Whitney Biennal Whitney Biennal Occupy museums Frances Stark In this age of political upheavals, with possible economic reverberations, the major art market trend is identifying any artists from our recent past that have been unfairly skipped over. It’s a sensible decision. Their careers are already established and their artist production is fixed, or near enough. It’s more […]

Venice Biennale: curator Christine Macel opens up in person about her Biennale 

Christine Macel Viva Arte Viva Press conference of the 57th Biennale The press conference for the Venice Biennale, arguably the world’s most important contemporary art event, takes place three months earlier and is usually quite a  confusing affair. Not this time.   Here’s a foretaste of what the 57th Venice Biennale, curated by Christine Macel, otherwise […]

Kochi Biennale: It’s in India that a gigantic exhibition digests the world

Kochi St Francis , Kochi Kochi, God’s own country The synagogue, Kochi Spice storage Kochi Pepper house, Kochi In Kochi Spices, Kochi Spice worker, Kochi Achraf Touloub Jonathan Owen Dai Xiang Ales Steger Anamika Haksar Hanna Tuulikki Leighton Pierce Avinash Veeraraghavan TV Santosh   To my knowledge, there are only two words of certifiably Venetian […]

Venice, at Once Sublime and Vulgar: the Contemporary Art Biennale

JBH Reports Venice feels a little like the Cannes Film Festival. You come across charming creatures tottering on gigantic heels, entirely leather-clad and suffering on the Giardini’s endless stony paths. Obviously, the opening of the Venice Biennale is the only place on earth where, within a few minutes, you can meet the Danish artist Olafur […]


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