“I’m No Longer Here”: a masterpiece on Netflix exalting popular Mexican counterculture Poetry & Photography Exile, immigration, and the sublimated street aesthetic. These are themes that are very often addressed in contemporary art. “I’m No Longer Here” is a film currently available to watch on Netflix which looks at these subjects in an immensely talented way. It is a masterpiece of poetry, photography, and unconventional […]

Marlene Dietrich: Her grandson reveals the private life of the superstar as two exhibitions take place in Paris and Washington

George Hurrell Willy Rizzo Willy Rizzo George Hurrell Cecil Beaton Ruth Sandak ( MD with Edith Piaf) Mario von Bukovitch Anonymous, 1944 Anonymous Anonymous, with Jean Gabin She’s a mythical creature in the history of cinema. Marlene Dietrich, actress turned singer, German turned American, sometimes feminine sometimes androgynous, invented the image of a multifaceted and […]

Agnes Varda in New York: the shock of the Nouvelle Vague filmmaker’s artworks

Agnes Varda Agnes Varda Agnes Varda Agnes Varda Agnes Varda Agnes Varda     You can’t mistake her. She is coiffed like a contemporary Capuchin monk with her two-tone haircut, white at the roots, burgundy at the tips. She walks slowly but her spirit fizzes like lightning. Agnes Varda is the high priestess of the […]


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