The art that makes you feel good (1)

    Richard Prince (Choice of Edouard Carmignac) The online world In our new experience of the relationship between art and the internet, the online world has won. The sensation produced by the phone or computer screen almost always predominates over the sensation of the art itself meant to be displayed on screen. Paintings always […]

Basquiat at the Vuitton Foundation (2): When Yusaku Maezawa, the buyer of the $110.5m Basquiat, discusses his collection and his dreams of flying to the moon

Yusaku Maezawa Jean Michel Basquiat Jean Michel Basquiat (detail) Jean Michel Basquiat (detail) Jean Michel Basquiat (detail) Jean Michel Basquiat (detail) Jean Michel Basquiat Jean Michel Basquiat Jean Michel Basquiat The Japanese businessman Yusaku Maezawa (born in 1975), the eighteenth richest man in Japan according to Forbes, founder of Japan’s largest online fashion mall, Zozotown,  […]

Glenstone Foundation in Potomac: A lesson in collecting contemporary art but also a contemplative experience

Mitchell, Emily Rales Jeff Koons @ Glenstone foundation Glenstone foundation Glenstone foundation Mitchell, Emily Rales Marcel Duchamp Diego Giacometti, Arshile Gorky Andy Warhol Mark Rothko Atsuko Tanaka Ruth Asawa Franz Kline Michael Heizer Louise Bourgeois Lee Bontecou Cy Twombly Robert Gober Charles Ray Robert Gober David Hammons The American businessman Mitchell Rales (born in 1956) […]

At the Morgan Library and published by Taschen: the collection that sums up the world in 100,000 manuscripts from Michelangelo to Warhol

Andy Warhol, Jean Michel Basquiat Frida Kahlo Henri Matisse Emiliano Zapata Jackson Pollock Sigmund Freud Jackson Pollock, Napoleon, Hirohito, Marie Antoinette, Oscar Wilde, Adam Smith, Malcolm X, Amadeus Mozart, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Vincent Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Sigmund Freud, four twelfth-century popes, Andy Warhol, and many more… There are only […]

Adrian Cheng wants a Kunsthalle for Beijing

Adrian Cheng In a very short amount of time, Hong Kong businessman Adrian Cheng, 36, has become a ubiquitous character in the globalized art world. In the space of two years, he’s emerged as an important funder for New York’s Metropolitan Museum, where he financed an education program for an exhibition about Chinese art, as […]

The Very Delicate Matter of the Rothschilds’ Rembrandts

Rembrandt Once upon a time there was a man who spent every one of his nights sleeping under the benevolent gaze of two exceptional human beings. Mr. and Ms. Soolmans were born in 1634 under the brush of one of art history’s most celebrated painters, Rembrandt. And so every evening and every morning in Paris, […]


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