Dada and Surrealism: The largest collection of documents in the world goes on sale in Paris

André Breton, Paul Bonet. 284 André Breton, Théodrore Fraenkel André Breton 140 André Breton 140. André Breton 140 Alberto Giacometti 359 Matisse 345   Surrealism and Dada Surrealism and Dada were movements that radically revolutionized not just the art world but also our general ways of thinking, dreaming and writing. Intellectual revolutions If you want […]

Fondation Vuitton: Courtauld amassed pieces by Cézanne, Seurat and Manet in seven years. Zoom in on five exceptional artworks.

Edouard Manet Samuel Courtauld Vincent Van Gogh Edouard Manet Georges Seurat Georges Seurat Paul Cézanne Georges Seurat Paul Cézanne Paul Cézanne Claude Monet Paul Gauguin  The good Impressionnism The word “Impressionism” may be ringing in the ears of the twenty-first-century man like a deterrent. Some people no longer want the endless greenish landscapes of late […]

The Carmignac Foundation: Basquiat, Lichtenstein, Richter and Warhol on a paradise island in the south of France

Jean-Michel Basquiat Porquerolles Island Fondation Carmignac Fondation Carmignac Fondation Carmignac Charles Carmignac Gerhard Richter Andy Warhol Roy Lichstenstein Martial Raysse Roy Lichstenstein Yves Klein Sandro Botticelli and studio Gerhard Richter The south of France, with its quality of light and its natural beauty, has long fostered the spirit of sharing in private collectors keen to […]

New York: memories of a collector of Man Ray, Basquiat and Nauman who is displaying his artworks with Hauser & Wirth (but nothing is for sale)

Man Ray Sylvio Perlstein Marcel Mariën Jean Tinguley René Magritte Heinz Hajek-Halke Keith Haring Harry Callahan Hans Bellmer Constantin Brancusi Robert Doisenau Max Ernst Barbara Kruger Man Ray He is always slightly grouchy. His slow manner of speaking is characterized by a strong Belgian accent and his physique has remained the same all the time […]

Vuitton Foundation: the new acquisitions unveiled with an exceptional group of works by Giacometti in dialogue with Matisse, Anselmo and Kiki Smith

Alberto Giacometti Takashi Murakami Gerhard Richter Gerhard Richter Sigmar Polke At Fondation Louis Vuitton Matthew Barney Mark Bradford Mark Leckey Adrian Villar Rojas Alberto Giacometti Alberto Giacometti Alberto Giacometti Alberto Giacometti Henri Matisse Kiki Smith Every time a snippet of a notable collection is unveiled it naturally engenders an emphatic flood of reactions in the […]

Galeries Lafayette foundation in Paris: a dream building by Koolhaas and generous ambitions for the artists

Lutz Bacher Lafayette Anticipations Lafayette Anticipations Lafayette Anticipations Lafayette Anticipations Lutz Bacher Lutz Bacher Lafayette Anticipations Lafayette Anticipations The basement at Lafayette Anticipations Camille Blatrix Camille Blatrix Camille Blatrix It’s the major event in Paris: the opening of Lafayette Anticipations, the Galeries Lafayette foundation at 9 rue de Plâtre in Le Marais. I was granted […]

Jacques Grange: The interior design star talks Diego Giacometti, Yves Saint Laurent and his collection being auctioned at Sotheby’s in Paris

Jacques Grange The view from Jacques Grange’s apartment Inside Jacques Grange apartment Inside Jacques Grange’s apartment Inside Jacques Grange’s apartement Inside Jacques Grange’s apartment Inside Jacques Grange’s apartement Jacques Grange is the french superstar of interior design. He has worked for the joint heir to the cosmetics empire and prolific art collector Ronald Lauder, the businessman […]

Les Galeries Lafayette: The very first visit to the impressive foundation designed by Rem Koolhaas in Paris

Lafayette Anticipations Lafayette Anticipations Lafayette Anticipations Guillaume Houzé Lafayette Aniticipations Lafayette Anticipations Lafayette Anticipations Lafayette Anticipations Lafayette Anticipations We are all familiar with the Galeries Lafayette, established in 1893, which have become synonymous with luxury consumption beneath that great cupola adorned with Art Nouveau glasswork. Less familiar for an international audience perhaps is that the […]


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